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Year 4, 5, 6 Sports Festival in Winchester

On Thursday Mrs Philpott took 10 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 to a fabulous sports festival in Winchester where they had the opportunity to try out a range of different and wonderful sports.

Our first session was target games where we tried our hand at bowling, target football, archery and nerf wars before moving on to our second session which was frisbee games. We learnt the rules of ultimate frisbee and played some intense invasion games against other schools then played some great fun rounds of frisbee golf. Our afternoon session kicked off with 'create a game' where the team were presented with a bag of equipment which they had to use to make up a game or activity for other schools to then play. They explained their games and rules extremely clearly and confidently and the other schools loved playing them so much so, that the judges deemed them the winners and awarded them the whole bag of equipment to bring back to school (cheers all round about how happy Mrs Robinson would be!). Our final session was Quidditch where we played mini games with the quaffle, bludger and golden snitch before bringing them all together into one final game. Great fun! I couldn't have been more proud of all the children - from their behaviour, to the constant effort they put into all their activities. It was a fabulous day.

For more photos, please click here