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Master Class (MARS) Day 27th June 2024

On Thursday 5 of us went to Horndean Technixal College. First when we got there we went outside to do PE which was 'capture the flag' and it was super fun as there was a bib and non-bib team trying to take all of the other team's plastic bottles. Also as a bonus the facilities were very clean!

Maths - In the Maths section we made honeycomb by using a compass to make a circle 8 cm in diameter, once we did that we made hexagons out of circles, then stuck it on a black piece of paper creating a bee hive.

"English, maths, science and PE were all super and I can say among all the people who went there it was super fun!" (Edison)

"We did making a bee hive in maths and we learnt about Michael Jackson in music. We also did 'capture the flag'. We had a lot of fun" (Bertie)