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2 Kingfishers Year 1/2

Welcome to Kingfisher Class

A happy new year to you all! 

We start out term thinking about new beginnings and our goals for this year, what we want to improve and how to go about it.

We will be learning about the Great Fire of London as well as the geography of London and how it changed following the fire.

We will be studying extracts from Samuel Pepys diary and how this primary source of evidence helps us understand why the fire spread so quickly and why it took so long to put out. We shall also be learning about Sir Christopher Wren and his design for a newer, safer capital city.

This is complemented in our Art topic: Becoming an Architect and in Design & Technology we are learning about Moving Pictures.

Throughout the term we shall be reading all sorts of stories linked to our topics as well as our favourites from our collection.

Our topic web shows all the exciting areas to be covered. Do talk to your children about their day, ask specific questions about their topics, we do so much!

PE days continue to be Monday and Wednesday, please make sure you teach your children how to tie their shoelaces if they have lace-up trainers :)

As ever, our door is always open. Pop and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Child