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Children engage with a contemporary curriculum that is inspiring, challenging and relevant for their future.”

We know that our children face challenging and exciting futures. As a school we are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that every child leaves the school well prepared. Your child is taught how to think, be creative and work with others.  We give high priority to your child’s emotional wellbeing so that they become resilient learners and people. We believe that children flourish if they are confident, determined and know about themselves as people and learners. Our philosophy about learning is focused on reaching these goals.

Children must be able to read, write, understand mathematics and communicate effectively. These areas of learning are taught as key skills and are supported by appropriate use of information technology. Your child will be provided with opportunities to use these key skills in all other subjects through topic work.

Topics encompass the other areas of the curriculum and are designed with your child’s interests in mind ensuring that the learning is exciting, challenging and relevant for your child. Your child will be encouraged to extend their learning through their own curiosity and personal desire.

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Phonics and Reading

The school uses Little Wandle for Phonics and early reading