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We are trying to focus on letter formation at present and building up your child's fine motor skills to support writing strength for consistent pressure on the paper and helping to support your child to write for longer periods.
Can you help your child to practice with some of the equipment below:-

Blackboard with chalks

Shaving foam making letter formations

using chop sticks

Whiteboards with big pens

Formal handwriting

exploring with keys and locks

Different media- paint, chalk, felt tips, etc

playing with ribbons and dancing

Mini-screw drivers on building projects

big writing on wallpaper

Mouse control, typing and playing games on the computer

Pegs boards

Finger painting letters and numbers

Cutting practice

Hama beads

Writing letters/numbers in sand

Trays with tweezers

Hammering in nails

Picking up rice with their fingers

Tongs work

Pouring techniques

Squeezy bottles letter work

opening bottle tops, jam jars

Tea parties pouring liquids

We are also working on using capital letters and not mixing upper and lower cased letters incorrectly.
Please come in if you need any assistance or a school handwriting sheet showing the correct formation.