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Mental Health

The mental health of our whole school community is very important to us.

For You:

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a wealth of resources and information about addiction and mental health, which could be invaluable to those in need. They provide a helpline that offers immediate assistance to those struggling with addiction in Petersfield, a service that could be life-saving for some of our community. They also offer a comprehensive directory of treatment centres throughout the UK, making it easier for those in need to find help near them.


We are proud to subscribe to be a myHappymind School.

MyHappyMind is taught across five modules and each introduces a new set of content and habits to help children build resilience, self-esteem and confidence.

The Five Modules:

                        Meet Your Brain.png     Celebrate.png     Appreciate.png

                                                  Relate.png      Engage.png

There is a free MyHappyMind Parent App where you can access Happy Breathing activities and quizzes to use at anytime.

The myHappymind curriculum is grounded in scientific research and helps children to:

  • Feel happier
  • Know what to do when they feel worried or stressed
  • Improve their focus and learn more
  • Achieve more of the goals that they set for themselves
  • Develop better relationships with friends and families
  • Feel great about who they are and have positive self esteem

Through My Happy Mind pupils will cover the following topics:image 1.png

The PSHE Association has identified 10 key principles for effective practice in PSHE education. These are listed below and we have ensured that myHappymind supports and reinforces all of these principles.

image 2.png

An emotionally friendly culture

  • Creating an environment that is well sign posted, therapeutic and accessible.

The myHappymind program is aligned to a Trauma Informed approach and is for all year groups from Reception through to Year 6. The myHappymind program recognises sensory needs, it is highly visual, positive and proactive.

  • Working directly with students and parents/caregivers.

The myHappymind program provides a free app to parents and caregivers allowing them to understand what their child is learning at school. In addition, the app provides engaging activities for parents to support positive conversation and play at home. myHappymind is delivered by the teachers not an external provider which allows for constant embedding and integration with the children.

  • Working directly with teachers and providing training & quality supervision.

myHappymind offers full training and support for all staff. All sessions are recorded and made available in case of staff absence.

  • Facilitating group work & peer support sessions.

myHappymind is a whole school approach and taught to all children from Early Years all the way through Year 6. The myHappymind lessons can also be used in small groups as well as 1:1 which allows for a whole school culture and language to develop

  • Embedding emotional wellbeing principles within policies.

myHappymind is taught weekly. Our recommendation is that it is taught at the beginning of the week then the rest of the week is about embedding the learning from the lessons through regular teaching and learning. All children in Years 1-6 receive a journal which they have with them through the program. This is a really good visual record of their learning. 

As well as using My Happy Mind at Sheet Primary we also hold regular assemblies, which incorporate British Values and SMSC. The children have a wide range of opportunities to implement their learning in specialist days, events, trips and sporting activities. Ensuring that we give our children as many 'real life'  learning experiences as possible.  


Click here to get the App for iOS (Apple)